The process to place a bid is as follows:

  1. Submit the necessary information via web form found at the bottom of this page

  2. After information is submitted buyer will receive a contract package via email

  3. Buyer signs offer to purchase and contract and NC DOT Addendum

  4. Initial submission to NC DOT

  5. If accepted, from this point there is a waiting period for other offers to be received, if there are multiple offers then we will contact all involved parties requesting Highest and Best offers.

  6. Past the waiting period there is initial acceptance or counter of the highest bid. The highest bidder will submit their Earnest money check for 10% of the purchase price to be made to ERA Dream Living Realty. Please note, if the NCDOT is not able to approve and complete the sale your earnest money will be returned to you.**Please do not submit any funds until requested by The Dawson Group office**

  7. From this point, the property will be submitted for final approval which in some cases can take 60-90 days

  8. Once we have final approval the attorney generals office will take over and get the deed recorded for the property owner, this can take up to 30 days depending on when we have final approval.


Please note, We represent the NCDOT and not the purchaser in this transaction. We are happy to work with you to facilitate the sale.

 Please do not submit any funds until requested by The Dawson Group office. 

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